Outsourcing Services

B2B and Investment support

Expand your business with new network,investment or flexible outsourcing services

Based on innovative approaches we offer b2b partnership, outsourcing and real estate investments.

business solutions europeFlexible Outsourcing Solutions

MG offers professional managed outsourcing services: HR, Business Consulting, Production Supply and Support, Relocation, Workforce, Health care.

HR and Workforce

The provided HR outsourcing services helps your company to achieve unique and skilled stuff on the lowest costs in the labour market. Our assistance includes clients support and workforce sellection. The HR & managed workforce outsourcing helps to center on productivity and other important business cornerstones.

Production and office support

Price,quality,additional facilities-any of those factors convert the production in easy and profitable business. MG helps you to relocate your factory or part of your production process in Bulgaria. If your main target is business growth you can have easy market access,high quality and affordable price for your production.

Managed Assistance

The Professional Managed Outsourcing Services can support any step of your business growth. In some cases the small and middle companies try to follow and resolve any single detail of their company activity. Hence in some occasions this can be possible in another will consume a lot of efforts and money. Meantime the expecting results are not as should be. MG offers full manged outsourcing with the purpose to leverage our business clients for important part of their daily duties. Despite of the managed services we support not managed outsourcing. In this case we facilitate possibilities for monitoring or interacting when is necessary. 
The conditions and the outsourcing contracts are established regarding the specific clients requirements. They decide what type outsourcing services fits better to their needs and how to proceed-transfer the outsourcing duties entirely or operate with their own company.

  Real estate investments support with subject to have permanent and safe returns. We support property projects based on innovate concepts, which enable us to avoid market dependence. With this advantage we help the final client to have complete home and the b2b partner to gain better profit . The idea for the project cames from small business developed successfully in 2010.

International and Local Business Projects Development

Mariyani Group /MG/can assist you for specific local business opportunities matching your interests. As entrepreneurs and investor representatives our target is focused on profitable business projects assigned through high level due diligence process. Our participation is direct-with our companies or by other types of business entities, agreed between investor and entrepreneur.

empreneur europe  Private Equity Investments and Third Party Due Diligence 
We are focused on carefully investigation of the investment process,avoiding cash investments,allowing direct investments just for products and services during the entrepreneur's project execution.Applying specific solutions and physical presence we do not just stay behind the network when our partners need on-site control or verification .We believe that the people are the first and most important string of any business,that's why better we know our partners,better business we can do with them.

Other B2B services
MG provides the assistance that your company needs at any stage of international growth. Representing investors or companies we act as third party due diligence, decreasing the investment risks and all related costs. Our B2B services includes: Local Fairs and Marketing Platforms; Direct Contacts and Business Meetings; On site check, business control and local level support; Business Valuation.
Support-Personnel help,management issues,business difficulties and problem solutions. As well legal registration questions,professional skills and actual information.


We cooperate with investors,entrepreneurs and manufacturers who expand their business activities in Europe.If you have a business proposal or you like to invest in our projects you can contact us using the Application or sending your LinkedIn Profile.