Real Estate Investments and Business Projects Europe

Mariyani Group aims permanent property investments with safe returns

Expand your business in Europe with our business network

Based on innovative approaches we offer complete partnership,private equity investments, outsourcing and real estate investments.We work for the infusion of your business in Europe with subsidiary company,equity or debt investments. Important part of our activity is the development of our own business projects in Europe together with experienced investors and local professionals.

real estate investment europe  Continuous business projects for real estate investments with subject to have permanent and safe returns. We support property projects based on innovate concept,which enable us to avoid dependence of subjective real estates and properties. The idea for the project cames from small business developed continuously and successfully from the year 2010.In this sense we  implement in practice a new concept for modern and useful real esate company.Using this concept we help the final client to receive his home ready and complete.

Solutions that suits you requirements and provide the assistance that your company needs at any stage of your international development.When we represent investor or company we act as third party due diligence, decreasing the investment risk and all related costs.

International and Local Business Projects Development
Mariyani Group can assist you for specific local business opportunities matching your interests and confirm their credibility.As entrepreneurs and investor representatives our target is focused on profitable business projects assigned through high level due diligence process.Our participation is direct-with our companies or by other types of business entity,agreed between investor and entrepreneur.

empreneur europe  Private Equity Investments and Third Party Due Diligence 
We are focused on carefully investigation of the investment process,avoiding cash investments,allowing direct investments just for products and services during the entrepreneur's project execution.Applying specific solutions and physical presence we do not just stay behind the network when our partners need on-site control or verification .We believe that the people are the first and most important string of any business,that's why better we know our partners,better business we can do with them.

Outsourcing East Europe
There are many undiscovered outsourcing opportunities in Europe,which benefits the companies,the final clients and the employees. Mariyani Group can establish your company in East Europe,increasing the quality of your product,decreasing the costs and contributing for new job openings.We can take care for office or factory premises for your activity and to help you with the legal registration and accounting services in the outsourcing territory.

business solutions europe  Managing resources and specific business solutions
Support for our partners: Personnel help,management issues,business difficulties and problem solutions. As well legal registration questions,professional skills and actual information.

B2B services
Our B2B services includes: Local Fairs and Marketing Platforms; Direct Contacts and Business Meetings; On site check,complete business control and support on local level; Valuation of a business you want to establish or join

We cooperate with investors,entrepreneurs and manufacturers who expand their business activities in Europe.If you have a business proposal or you like to invest in our projects you can contact us using the Application or sending your LinkedIn Profile direction.

Target Countries
Mariyani Group develops business in Europe and specially in the countries Spain,Bulgaria and France.Despite those countries we can offer business partnership or investment opportunities for other European Union countries.