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Mariyani Group Ltd is participating in profitable business projects with social and environmental importance,connecting investors with entrepreneurs.
Our vision for the business of XXI Century goes beyond the economic objectives and consist of realisation of lucrative business ideas,respecting the environment and obtaining additional social benefits.
Taking advantage of the business experience we are looking permanently for new partners-investors,entrepreneurs,buyers and manufacturers of wide range of products and services.

Main Business Activities

-International and Local Business Projects
-Private Equity Investments
-Strategic Alliances and Business Partnership in Europe and Worldwide
-Managing resources and business solutions
-Private Business Club Coordination
-B2B and commodity trading

We are looking for cooperation with manufacturers of Commodities and many other different type of goods and services for our clients.
If your company is provider we will be glad to have your offer.

Business projects

Real Estates Aquaculture Export of Used Shoes and Wear Ecological Energy Installations Spanish Franchise Portal

-Real estate investments with loan services for private persons; investment frames- (0,5m-2,5m)€ 

-Aquafarming project with contract for 60% funds from EU program ; investment- 1 071 200 €

-Renewable Energy Project for electricity and fuels on attractive prices -completed project -franchise portal for Spain

Our partners are investors,entrepreneurs and manufacturers who have the possibilities to share their services,experience and funds in profitable business activities worldwide.If you have a business proposal contact us